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Note for Breeders and Breed Clubs:

When a definitive test is developed for any disease,
there should be no reason to ever produce a puppy
adversely affected by that disease
Gary F. Mason, 1997

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PRA DNA-test by OptiGen
Name Sire/Dame Date HD: Kennel/Owner
Solid A clear dogs
K-Line´s Momos  Coast to Coast  black Roadshow N K-Line Coast to Coast x
K-Line's Platinum Blonde 
03/05 A Germany/ Momo´s
Räuberlein's Noah Taylor chocolate/tan Apollo's Fortune in Brown x 
Räuberlein's I'm a Super Girl
? B2 Germany/ Nutshat´s
Räuberlein´s Timothy Dalton black Kenara´s No Illusion x Ging´s Apple Cider Ida ?   Germany/Räuberlein's


Solid A clear females
Birkelys Devil Doll bl/tan Kaplar`s Krown Prince x Birkely`s Sweet`N Lovely 03/08 A Germany/Good Fellows
Forman´s United Color black  PFK normal JNB´s Pipe,n Hot x Forman´s NBA 03/05 B Belgium/du Domaine   d´Haisha
Forman´s U´re My Destiny  blackPFK normal,PL  free Krismyth Punchline x Forman´s Pebbles ? A Belgium/du Domaine   d´Haisha
Galant Best Deal blonde L-A-Law´s Just Beat It x Gallant Best Opportunity ?   Germany/Räuberlein's
Good Fellows Enjoy Life black Buttonwood`s British Sterling  x Birkely`s Devil Doll A1     04/08   Germany/Good Fellows
Good Fellows Final Edition blonde Shadyhill`s Fielgar Sandpiper  x Goodfellow`s Cover Girl      05/09   Germany/Good Fellows
K-Line's N Momos Just in Time black K-Line's Shadow-of-a Doubt x K-Line's Stich in Time 06/08 A Germany/Momo's
Momo's Born to Win black K-Line Momos Coast to Coast A1 x Mahagony Mail to House of Kingswood 06/08 A1 Germany/Momo's
Nutshat´s Agatha Christie bl/tan Higgins vom Haus Gurok x Shiny Chocray Fly Mystery ? C1 Germany/Heartbreaking Ami´s
Nushat's Aaliyah Dana
black and tan
 Higgins vom Haus Gurok x Shiny Chocray Fly Mystery ? A1 Germany/ Nutshat´s
Räuberlein´s Anastasia with Bonnets blond Darkehaven Eye On The Prize x Ging´s Apple Cider Ida 03/06   Sweden/Bonnets
Räuberlein´s Angelina Jolie blonde Darkehaven Eye On The Prize x Ging´s Apple Cider Ida ?   Germany/Räuberlein's
Shiny Chocray Fly Mystery
chocolate & tan
Honybrook's Cocoa Man x  Kissy of Black Fly Mystery
? B Germany/Nutshat´s


Partie A clear females

Angenie From Ester`s Lodge  wh/bl/tan Kamp's Normandy Playbox x Shadyhill's Joy  at Esterslodge 03/08 B1  Germany/Good Fellow's


Partie B carrier dogs
Räuberlein´s Shooting Star wh/red Räuberlein´s Starlight Express x Very Vigie Ombrageuse Eglantine ? B Germany/Räuberlein's